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Copy over the trip summary URL & total price plus all taxes and fees.  Please see bottom of page for even more details.

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Copy the URL of the trip summary page, or similar.  This page should include all of the preferred flight and hotel information and the total price plus all fees.  We need this so we know exactly what flights and hotels you would like us to book.


We are only an intermediary service.

Thus we can’t guarantee your deal will still be available by the time we make your ordered reservation on your behalf.  Regardless, we will contact you to find out if another reservation is suitable, or we will ask you if you would prefer a refund.

Also, in the event you request a cancellation, there is no guarantee we will be able to cancel your reservation in any allotted time window.  We pride ourselves on integrity, and our team will try our best to accommodate your situation, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee requested cancellations.

Once you place a request for reservation, our team will fill out the fields on or with your information.  We will then email you a screenshot of the page with your information for you to validate all information is correct.  Once you validate the information is correct, we will place the reservation with said information.

Please read your travel agencies Terms of Service and Rules & Restrictions carefully before booking through us.